Eve Kulcsar established Roka Arms Training to bring best-in-class defensive firearms training to Responsibly Armed Citizens. She is an experienced firearms instructor who has trained with industry leaders such as Tom and Lynn Givens of Rangemaster Firearms Training Services in Memphis, Tennessee; Craig Douglas (a.k.a. Southnarc) of Shivworks; William Aprill of Aprill Risk Consulting and Paul Sharp of Sharp Defense. She has also successfully completed training at Rogers Shooting School in Ellijay Georgia. Visit the LINKS page for more information.

Eve makes it a point to train throughout the year to be certain that her skills as both an instructor and shooter remain sharp and developed. These are just some of the courses that she has successfully completed:

  • Rangemaster Advanced Instructor Development
  • Rangemaster Instructor Development
  • Roger’s Shooting School
  • Rangemaster Combative Pistol I
  • Rangemaster Advanced Pistol
  • Rangemaster Shotgun I
  • Unthinkable – Concepts in the Gravest Extreme, William Aprill/Paul Sharp
  • Extreme Close Quarters Concepts (ECQC), Craig Douglas
  • Multi-Discipline Optimization Course (MDOC), Paul Sharp


Eve teaches a model of self-defense based on the philosophy of Awareness, Avoidance and De-escalation as the first line of security. The best way to avoid becoming a victim of crime is to stay off the criminal’s radar all together. This requires understanding what circumstances favor criminals rather than citizens. This also means that should an encounter arise where the intent or the behavior of a stranger are uncertain or questionable, the Responsibly Armed Citizen has more solutions than “just using the gun”. The curriculum at Roka Arms Training has been developed to help avoid an individual being selected as a “good victim” by a criminal while also providing means to handle situations which are not immediately recognizable as a grave threat to life or cause of bodily harm.

However, should the time come where imminent harm or even death are likely outcomes, then the Responsibly Armed Citizen must react without hesitation to protect him or herself or loved one. Such is a time to rely on a solid foundation of proven shooting skills that will help the citizen be victorious in a violent encounter. This is what drives Eve to constantly learn and improve, both as a shooter and as an instructor—aiming to become the best at developing these critical skills in herself and others.