These links are some of the best sources around for top-notch self-defense information of everything ranging from firearms to empty hand skills, gear and medical training:



Rangemaster Training Services, LLC

Tom and Lynn Givens, based out of Memphis, TN (classes held nationally) – nationally recognized firearms instructors offering comprehensive personal defense training across the country and abroad.  With over 40 years of experience in firearms instruction, Tom Givens has personally designed a diverse curriculum of practical training for various weapon systems.

Aprill Risk Consulting

William Aprill, based out of New Orleans, LA (classes held nationally) – mental health professional and former deputy sheriff and Special Deputy US Marshal. He is a decorated competitive shooter and has taught civilian, law enforcement, and military personnel in various fighting skills since 1990.

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Agile Training

Chuck Haggard, based out of Kansas (classes held nationally) – skilled instructor with a diverse array of personal defense options for different people in different contexts.




Craig Douglas (A.K.A. Southnarc), based out of Mississippi (classes held nationally) – the source for training in close quarters concepts.

Sharp Defense

Paul Sharp, based out of Elgin, IL (classes held nationally) – top notch blog about developing a systematic approach to integrating and instructing Mixed Martial Arts and combative sports for those working in a weapons based environment.

Immediate Action Combatives

Cecil Burch, based out of Arizona (classes held nationally) – blog rich in depth and quality of material from a martial arts guru and firearms enthusiast.

Point Driven Training

Larry Lindenman is a retired Illinois State Police Lieutenant. Larry was a SWAT instructor and Squad Leader, a Special Agent and investigative supervisor, and the Director of a multi-jurisdictional covert narcotics investigation unit.  Larry is a lifelong martial artist and currently instructs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the Carlson Gracie – Aurora Academy.



Total Protection Interactive

The single best forum around for anything related to firearms/self-defense. This is a community worth joining.

Tactical Professor

Claude Werner, based out of Georgia – all around tactical guru with an extensive background in both self-defense training and military experience as well as white collar financial services. This eclectic experience base gives him a view of self defense equipment and techniques that is more attuned to the needs of people with median lifestyles than some segments of the industry.

Pistol Forum

Another great forum for solid information on everything guns, gear practice and tactics.



Dark Star Gear

Dark Star strives to make holsters and pouches that are minimal in design.  Through personal experience and customer feedback, the minimal footprint gear works well with the most amount of people. (Plus, he is pretty cool!)

Keepers Concealment

Spencer Keepers, based out of Oklahoma – designer of the famous Keeper AIWB holster and avid shooter and instructor.

Special Circumstances

Source for some of the sexiest (and functional) knives around.

Sabre Red

One of the best sources for OC around, having a wide variety of products that suit many different needs.

Raven Concealment Systems

Since our humble beginning as three guys hand-forming holsters in a basement in 2005, Raven Concealment Systems has grown into a multi-million dollar manufacturing enterprise that has harnessed compression molding, injection molding, and vacuum forming technology to produce the most innovative, modular, and concealable polymer holsters and accessories in the world. Raven Concealment Systems’ products are proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States of America, by American citizens.



Lone Star Medics

Lone Star Medics is made up of highly motivated individuals who have vast experience in field and tactical medicine. Lone Star Medics also utilizes the professional experiences of some very unique individuals in field and tactical medicine. They also host one of the most comprehensive field medicine conferences available to the public.

BFE Labs

BFE Labs brings cross-disciplinary experience to the review, design and production of life saving solutions for wilderness, urban and tactical survival. Our contributors have diverse backgrounds in emergency services, engineering, electronics, fabrication and design, and weapons testing.